Online Voice Studio

What is the Online Voice Studio?

The Online Voice Studio is a community program designed to benefit students who plan on taking lessons regularly. Students who commit to regular training accomplish faster and more significant growth, as well as a deeper understanding of their voices and capabilities. To become a member of the Online Voice Studio, simply visit the registration page of this website and sign up! Membership fees are collected monthly. To reward their commitment to training, studio members receive the following benefits:

Included Voice Lessons

Covered and discounted in the membership fees, studio members may choose to schedule a total of two hours of private voice lessons every month at no cost. This means students may schedule a combination of:

• Up to two 1-Hour Voice Lessons
• Up to four ½-Hour Voice Lessons

Weekly Office Hours

All studio members receive access to office hours! Office hours are a time available for students to join an open Zoom meeting with myself and their fellow students to bring up questions or concerns they’ve had with their voices. They will be held regularly for one hour on Tuesdays at 6:00 PM US Central Time. Office hours may sometimes take the form of a group class! Group classes will vary in subject and format depending on the needs and goals of studio members. You can expect to see:

• Group Discussions
• Workshops
• Lectures
• Educational Videos
• … and More!

Significant Discounts

Studio members have the opportunity to schedule more voice lessons at a significant discount. The membership confirmation email will include a link to schedule:

$60 $40 1-Hour Voice Lessons
$40 $25 ½-Hour Voice Lessons

Ongoing Support

Studio membership means you never need to feel lost between lessons! You’re encouraged to submit the following to your instructor outside of lessons:

• Voice questions to be answered
• Practice recordings on lesson material for feedback
• Requests for advice
• Updates on progress, struggles, and successes

Want to join? Click here to register!