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About Me

My name is Nicholas Taylor Grigsby, and I’m a vocal coach. I began teaching voice in 2017. I’m currently enrolled at University of Wales Trinity Saint David, performing graduate-level study on Voice Pedagogy with a focus on the neuroscience and psychology of vocal learning. I am also a performer with experience in singing Music Theatre, Classical, and other CCM styles. As a voice teacher, I help my students to train their voices with respect to principles of vocal learning, performance psychology, and vocal acoustics.

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What Types of Lessons Do You Offer?

Lessons topics may include:

• Singing
• Voice Acting
• Music Theory

Lessons focused on voice masculinization and voice feminization are not offered through this platform and may be scheduled by contacting transvoicelessons@gmail.com.

What Are Online Voice Lessons Like?

Online voice lessons aren’t very different from in-person lessons! As long as you have a decent internet connection, camera, and microphone setup, the only significant difference is the slight delay between the teacher and student. With respect to this, recordings are used rather than live accompaniment from the teacher. Fortunately, because the lessons are held online, they can be easily recorded and watched again as a fantastic practice tool!

How Are Lessons Structured?

Lessons will usually include:

• Introduction/Review
• Discussion of Goals and Progress
• Guided Training and Technique Development
• Development of a Practice Plan
• Closing Question and Answer Session

Where Are Lessons Held?

Online lessons are typically held on Zoom.

Do You Offer Discounts?

Yes! Prospective students may choose to register for studio membership. Membership includes discounted lesson prices, access to office hours, and more!

Current students can also receive a 50% discount on one lesson for each person they refer who becomes a student!

Contact Me

Nicholas Taylor Grigsby
• Email: Nick@OnlineVocalCoach.com

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