About Me

My name is Nicholas Taylor (or just Nick!), and I’m a voice teacher. I am also a lifelong performer, having studied and performed in multiple genres including Musical Theatre, Classical, and CCM singing styles on stage, in formal classroom settings, and in private lessons. With learning as a particular passion of mine, I love spending time studying all aspects of the singing voice and experimenting with my own voice in kind.

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What are Online Voice Lessons Like?

Online voice lessons aren’t very different from regular, in-person lessons. As long as you have a decent internet connection and a functional audiovisual setup, the only learning curve is the delay in audio from teacher to student. To tackle this, recordings are used rather than live accompaniment from the teacher. Fortunately, because the lessons are held online, they can be easily recorded and watched again as a fantastic practice tool!

Each normal lesson will include the following:

  • A preliminary vocal health and function check
  • Presentation of your voice (usually in the form of a section of song) for overall examination or to check progress since the previous lesson
  • Guided practice, explanation, and demonstration of the lesson topic(s)
  • Opportunity to ask any voice, singing, or performance questions you may have

Online lessons will normally be conducted through a 1-on-1 video chat service such as Zoom or Discord. Those who are not comfortable with using video may request audio-only lessons.

Contact Me

Nicholas Taylor Grigsby
• E-mail: Nick@OnlineVocalCoach.com
• Zoom: Nick@OnlineVocalCoach.com
• Discord: Nick#5163

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